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Whether you've got an existing website that needs updating or you need a completely new one, I can do the job for you.

Having been working on the Internet since 1993 and being professionally involved in Web design since 1997, I have enough experience to know what makes for a website that works for you and your visitors. And in all those years I've seen enough badly-designed websites to know what doesn't  work. Put simply, my philosophy is that every website I create should be:

  • Easy to keep up-to-date. The best site in the world is no use if it hasn't been updated since 2005 (and I have seen a lot of sites like that). That's why every site I create comes with a specially designed system that makes it easy for you to update your site's content without you having to understand how to write a Web page. [1]
  • Easy to use. I've seen too many sites where the designer has obviously been more interested in showing off how clever he is than in putting across what the site owner's trying to say. While it's nice to include some fun features in a site, I never lose site of the fact that the most important thing is your content.
  • Accessible. It's easy to forget that a sizeable proportion of Web users have a disability that can make it difficult for them to use websites. I aim wherever possible to design sites that conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This is not just common decency in considering the needs of disabled visitors but also essential for any business as websites are covered by the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act. [2]

Using up-to-date technology such as HTML5, CSS3 and libraries such as JQuery means I can take advantage of the features available in the latest browser versions (and future releases). This does mean that your site won't look exactly the same to every visitor, but even those using old browsers will still be able to use it without problems (but please note I can't guarantee compatibility with ancient browsers such as Internet Explorer 6).

[1] Maintenance software is only available if your website is hosted on a Linux or Unix server, as it isn't compatible with Windows. But most websites are hosted on Linux or Unix, so for most people this won't be a problem. As part of my service, if necessary, I can help you organise suitable hosting and manage the transition to it.

[2] Not all content can be made fully accessible - maps for example - but my aim is to ensure as much as is feasible is accessible.